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The Queen's Vertical Farming Team is Canada's first undergraduate engineering team of its kind. Recognizing this rapidly emerging industry, QVFT is designing and building a functional, software-automated aeroponic vertical farm on Queen's University campus. The majority of existing research in this field is conducted privately and is thus inaccessible to the public. Through its open-source approach, QVFT aims to democratize vertical farming knowledge and research. Our 25 alumni and 13 current members come from diverse academic disciplines and represent all four years of study.

Aeroponic Farming
Aeroponic Farming
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Premium Produce
Dedicated Growers
Dedicated Growers

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December 2019
Set sub-team goals and developed implementation strategies
Research and Design Phase I
  • Completed technical outline of software-based automation system
  • Completed technical outline of mechanical system
January 2020
Research and Design Phase II
  • Began development of automation system
  • Researched plant germination strategies, nutritional requirements, lighting specifications, and water consumption considerations
  • Developed an early-stage mechanical schematic of aeroponic nutrition system
Participated in Commerce-Engineering Environmental Conference trade show
Began partnership with ZipGrow Inc.
February 2020
Participated in Queen's Water Environment Conference trade show
Research and Design Phase III
  • Developed front-end, back-end, data storage, and sensory components for automation system
  • Finalized plant cultivation protocols and completed research report
  • Finalized mechanical schematic of aeroponic nutrition system and began 3D CAD model using SolidWorks
March 2020
Began partnership with SIMBL Business Enablement
Received research grant from Faculty of Arts & Science Student Initiatives Fund
October 2020
Received official ratification from the Queen's Engineering Society
December 2020
Completed first iteration of 3D CAD Model (SolidWorks)
January 2021
Began partnership with Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre
March 2021
Participated in Queen's Healthcare & Business Conference trade show
Participated in Commerce-Engineering Environmental Conference trade show
October 2021
Research and Design Phase IV
  • Resize vertical farm design in order to fit in smaller location
  • Adapted farm model to eliminate components and reduce cost
  • Integrated GrabCad Workbench for CAD organization and online design viewing
June 2022
Collaboration with Muise Labs
  • Began collaboration on a technology, research based farm
  • Vertical farm proposal key to help computing masters students research effecitve vertical farming methods
October 2022
Submitted NSERC proposal
  • Muise Labs and QVFT submitted NSERC proposal to gain money for new farm
  • Completed new render of research-based farm