“The Queen's Vertical Farming Team's mission is to develop a functional, small scale vertical farm. Drawing inspiration from the best current commercial practices, our goal is to gain a foothold as an innovator in a rapidly-expanding industry.”

Who we are

The Queen's Vertical Farming Team is Canada's first post-secondary student-led vertical farming design team. This team allows members of all disciplines to engage in a rapidly-developing industry, increase their awareness of threats to the global food supply, and gain hands-on experience in food cultivation. Program-specific opportunities allow for students to gain experience with biochemistry, plant science, computer-aided design, computer modelling, data analysis, and systems design.

Aeroponic Farming
Aeroponic Farming
Premium Produce
Premium Produce
Dedicated Growers
Dedicated Growers


November 2019
Hire 2019-20 Executive Members
December 2019
Begin Sponsorship Outreach
Research and Design Phase I
  • Complete technical overview of controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) system
  • Complete technical overview of mechanical system
Set Goals and Develop Implementation Strategies
January 2020
Hire 2020 General Members
Participate in Commerce & Engineering Environmental Conference Trade Show
Research and Design Phase II
  • Initiate CEA hardware and software development
  • Research plant germination strategies, nutritional requirements, lighting cycles, and water consumption
  • Develop a step-by-step plant cultivation protocol
February 2020
Research and Design Phase III
  • CEA system is in beta
  • Finalize all CAD drawings for custom parts
  • Finalize plant cultivation protocol and complete research report
Prototyping and Experimentation Phase I
  • Manufacture custom parts
  • Order non-custom parts
March 2020
Hire 2020-21 Executive Members
Prototyping and Experimentation Phase II
  • Begin plant germination process
April 2020
Wrap Up Efforts and Prepare to Resume in September 2020